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Open Banking Made Easy

Connect to open banking in minutes not months

ACSISS provides banks and fintechs with access to customer data via open banking and more in a fraction of the time and cost of building/maintaining a CDR solution.

What is an Open Banking Platform

Our pre-built, white-labelled, and CDR-compliant platform provides data recipients with access to customer data from open banking – and beyond.

Why use ACSISS open banking platform

Start accessing customer data sooner, so you can get your customer solutions to market sooner. ACSISS ensures ongoing CDR-compliance, high reliability, and low ongoing costs.

How you can depend on ACSISS

ACSISS is the data recipient solution from SISS Data Services. SISS has connected leading banks and fintechs for over 10 years, securely delivering data to over 500,000 Australians

Features & Functionality

Access More Customer Data

Access more than open banking data. Our bank-approved direct feeds extend beyond the scope of CDR.

Open Banking as a Platform

Our open banking platform has all the CDR functionality you need to access customer data faster and more efficiently.

Data Enrichment

Our data enrichment partners offer you a wide range of information and insights.

Data Aggregation

Access the customer data you want, when you want it and in the format that suits you.

CDR Accreditation Assistance

Understanding what is required to be accredited under the Consumer Data Right can be difficult. Our data security specialists (ISO & CISM), developers and technical staff can help you with every step of your accreditation journey:

  • Data security and infrastructure review
  • CDR conformance testing (CTS)
  • ASAE 3150 and ISO audits
  • Sandbox environment
  • Developer portal
  • CDR policies
  • Penetration testing
  • Analytics
  • CDR Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Manage your brands
  • View consents and dashboard
  • Create a new consent online
  • Dynamically created CDR consent
  • CDR compliant
  • CDR Consumer dashboard to manage consent

Solutions by Industry


Give your customers a better user experience with automated transaction coding and bank reconciliation.

Payment Gateways

Eliminate dishonour fees and improve cash flow by verifying account balances before payments are processed.


Comply with responsible lending requirements and check account details.

Buy Now Pay Later

Ensure customers have the funds to pay their next instalment.


Minimize dishonour fees by checking account balances before payments are processed.


Improve your customer experience with access to product data, set up payee / payer details and streamline your lending process.

What is an Open Banking Platform

Bank Data

SDS Platform

Your App

An open banking platform is the most cost-effective way to access Open Banking data.

The ACSISS open banking platform has all the CDR-compliant functionality (prebuilt & white labelled) you need to access customer data.

Don’t build or host your own open banking functionality, simply create an account with ACSISS, configure your CDR consent and access consumer data.

Why use our Open Banking Platform

Leverage our Expertise

We have built your ADR open banking infrastructure, so you don’t have to. Leading fintechs have relied on our security, accuracy and efficiency for over 10 years.

Lower Costs

The economies of scale in our open banking platform mean lower costs than building and maintaining your own.

Speed to Market

ACSISS is already built and ready to use, reducing your time to market by months.

More Functionality

Our data enrichment partners enable you to access not only data, but a wide range of insights & information.

Australia’s Most Experienced
Data Sharing Platform

10 Years of Reliable, Secure Bank Data

SISS Data Services has provided secure, permission-based connections between leading banks and fintechs since 2011, making us the largest independent provider of direct bank data feeds in Australia.

Independent Open Bank Platform

ACSISS is an open banking platform, providing the infrastructure for data recipients and our partners to access open banking data and more. We don’t compete with our partners or customers – we just power your applications and solutions.

CDR-Accredited & Secure

SISS Data Services is ISO 27001 (Data Security) certified and is accredited under the Consumer Data Right (CDR). The ACSISS platform is hosted and operated in Australia and complies with all relevant data and privacy regulations.

Trusted by over 500,000 Australians

Over 500,000 Australians have relied on SISS Data Services for secure delivery of vital transaction data for their Business, Trust, superfunds and more.

Trusted by Australia's Largest Banks

For over 10 years, Australia’s leading banks have trusted SISS Data Services to reliably deliver secure customer data and manage customer consent processes.

Trusted by fintechs – from start-ups to global giants

SISS Data Services is the trusted supplier of critical data to fintech solutions ranging from local start-ups to leading global players.