All client bank statements in one place.

ACSISS Adviser eliminates the need to chase clients for bank statements and data files.

No more password sharing or screen scraping. Built for the accounting profession. Powered by Open Banking.

“With ACSISS Adviser we can now have a consistent experience for every client on every software, with every bank.”

– Rebecca Mihalic, businessDEPOT

“With ACSISS Adviser we can now have a consistent experience for every client on every software, with every bank.”

– Rebecca Mihalic, businessDEPOT


Stop chasing clients for missing bank statements

Win back hours lost due to incomplete data and poor bank feeds. Complete bookkeeping and compliance work faster with ACSISS Adviser.

No more paper authority forms

Gain access to your clients’ bank accounts without paper authority forms or sharing online banking passwords. Your clients securely share their data with you via ACSISS My Data.

View all bank statements & data in one place

ACSISS Adviser puts you in control. You can securely receive all of your clients’ transactional data every day, and produce statements on demand.

Export. Download. Integrate.

ACSISS Adviser allows you to use clients’ bank data in different ways. You can produce a CDR bank statement, or export data for use in accounting and other systems, or simply extract data as a CSV or OFX file.




Per Year, Per Bank account

Minimum 10 bank accounts.

  • Unlimited access to transaction data & CDR Bank Statements.
  • Access as far back as January 2017, conditional on client permissions.
  • Full data access for 365 days per account.
  • Export or integrate banking data for use in accounting and other systems.
What data range can I access?

Whatever data your client has granted consent for. CDR Bank Statements are generally available back as far as January 2017.

How long will I have access for?

As long as your client has granted consent for – this can be up to 365 days.  You can download and keep any data you access during that time.


How many people can I invite into my account?

You can have unlimited team members join your account from within your firm

How many bank accounts can I connect to ACSISS Adviser?

You can connect an unlimited number of bank accounts. The service requires a minimum signup for 10 bank accounts at $24 per account annually ($240 total). Additional accounts are also billed at $24 per account, annually.

Say goodbye to screen scraping and unreliable data feeds


How is ACSISS Adviser different from current bank data feeds?

Many existing data feeds rely on screen scraping, which involves sharing bank login details and is often unreliable or incomplete. ACSISS uses Open Banking to securely collect and share your clients’ data

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is an initiative under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislation in Australia. It allows individuals to securely share their banking data, such as transaction history and account balances, with accredited third-party providers such as ACSISS.

How do clients share their data?

Your clients will use ACSISS My Data to collect their transaction data using Open Banking and securely share it with you. Your clients no longer need to complete paper authority forms or share banking passwords, and you’ll never have to ask them for a bank statement again!

How much data can clients share?

The Consumer Data Right mandates that banks share data starting from January 1, 2017. This means all transactions from that date onwards are generally available to be shared with Accredited Data Recipients (ADRs) like ACSISS.

However, there are a few considerations regarding the availability of transactions. Check this article for more information.

What types of accounts are available to share?

In general, all types of bank accounts can be shared if you meet the eligibility criteria. This may even include closed accounts. However, there are a few reasons why an account may not be available for sharing. Check out this article to learn more.

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