November 2023 In a strategic move to redefine financial data access, ACSISS announces a pivotal enhancement to its ACSISS Connect platform.

Beginning 1 December, the integration with Microsoft Business Central will expand beyond its existing range of direct bank data feeds, seamlessly integrating feeds powered by Open Banking. This significant shift greatly expands the ACSISS Connect platform, offering Business Central users access to a diverse range of banks and accounts.

“Our commitment at ACSISS has always been to provide clear, solution-oriented tools that address the unique challenges of our industry,” said Grant Augustin, CEO of ACSISS. “This enhancement with Microsoft Business Central is a testament to that dedication, ensuring professionals have a broader, more efficient data access solution.”

The integration with Microsoft Business Central is just the starting point. ACSISS has its sights set on the horizon, with plans to implement similar enhancements across other ACSISS Connect integrations, such as with SAP BusinessOne, Oracle NetSuite and other leading ERP platforms used by larger businesses.

“Business Central is the first cab off the rank, but rest assured, it’s merely the beginning.” Augustin emphasised.

From 1 December, the range of banks and account types accessible through the ACSISS Connect bank feed for Microsoft Business Central will see a substantial expansion.

In line with the Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislation in Australia, ACSISS is poised to offer secure data feeds for business accounts from nearly all Australian banks and financial institutions. This includes a comprehensive array of account types, from transaction accounts and loans to deposits and credit cards.

ACSISS is provided by SISS Data Services, Australia’s leading independent provider of secure banking and financial data services.

For over 10 years, SISS has been trusted by financial institutions, software platforms and over 500,000 Australians to securely, accurately and reliably share their financial transaction data.

SISS Data Services is approved for both Open Banking and Closed Banking networks and provides bank data feeds for a variety of accounting software and other financial platforms.

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