Securely receive bank transaction data into your ERP system

ACSISS Connect provides secure and complete bank data feeds for ERP systems.

No more manually collecting and entering bank transactions. Powered by Open Banking.

Supported ERPs

Microsoft Business Central

SAP Business One


Jiwa 7

Oracle Netsuite


Stop manually entering bank transaction data into your ERP system

Win back hours lost due to manually collecting and entering bank transaction data to your ERP system. Receive secure daily bank data feed with all of your transaction records with ACSISS Connect.

Connect all your accounts

Connect your bank, credit card, and other financial accounts via Open Banking or direct bank feeds.

Automate bank transaction data

With ACSISS Connect bank transaction data no longer needs to be manually collected or entered into your ERP system. You receive a secure daily data feed with all of your transaction records.

Reconcile faster

Easily reconcile bank transactions with ACSISS Connect’s complete, accurate transaction data in your ERP system.


Who do I contact if I have a support query?

Your ERP business partner, or you can log a ticket via email to

Is there a limit on the number of bank accounts we can add?

No, bank accounts are unlimited.

Can I add accounts from multiple banks?

Yes, for all supported banks.

Can we get historical data?

Yes. For Open Banking powered feeds, data is generally available back to January 2017.


Is the data accurate?

Yes, both our Open Banking and Direct Bank Feeds come directly from the banks’ core-banking systems, not from screen-scraping. Data quality is subject to standards set by regulations. Additionally, all data processed by ACSISS is validated for accuracy prior to delivery to our customers.


Can we get all our accounts?

While Direct Bank Feeds only apply to certain banks & account types, Open Banking applies to effectively every Accredited Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI) in Australia, and covers transaction, loan, deposit and credit-card accounts.


How do we instruct the bank to share the data?

Under the Open Banking system, customer consent is provided through a secure digital process. This process operates within the strict regulations of the Consumer Data Right (CDR). For Direct Bank Feeds, consent is granted using a manual or paper-based form provided by the bank.


Can we get credit card data?

Yes, our Open Banking data feeds include credit card accounts.