Securely share bank transactions with your accountant or bookkeeper

ACSISS My Data enables you to share your banking data without sharing your password.

View all your accounts across different banks in one place. Control which accounts you share and for how long. Powered by Open Banking.

(Don’t worry, it’s free to share your data with your adviser)


Stop filling in the gaps in your transaction data

Win back hours lost due to finding missing or incomplete transactions. Give your accountant or bookkeeper a complete, reliable and accurate view of your business with ACSISS My Data.

Connect all your accounts

Connect your bank, credit card, and other financial accounts
via Open Banking.

View all accounts in one place

With ACSISS My Data, you can view transactions across all your connected accounts.

Securely share your data

ACSISS My Data enables you to securely share your bank transactions with your accountant and bookkeeper.

They can view your data via ACSISS Adviser. You control which accounts they can access and for how long.




  • Securely connect all your accounts.
  • View all of your banking transactions in one place.
  • Share your bank transactions with your accountant and bookkeeper.
What is the price of ACSISS My Data?

ACSISS My Data is a free application enabling account holders to securely connect their accounts and share their data

Share your data. Not your password.


How is ACSISS My Data different from current bank data feeds?

Many existing data feeds rely on screen scraping, which involves sharing bank login details and is often unreliable or incomplete. ACSISS uses Open Banking to securely collect and share your data

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is part of the Australian government Consumer Data Right (CDR) initiative. CDR allows account holders to securely share their data, such as bank transactions account balances, with their Trusted Adviser, and through Accredited Data Recipients such as ACSISS.

How does my accountant or bookkeeper access my data?

Your accountant or bookkeeper will use ACSISS Adviser to view your transaction data. They cannot make or change transactions. You control which accounts they can access and for how long.

How much data can I share?

The Consumer Data Right mandates that banks share data starting from January 1, 2017. This means that all transactions from that date onwards are generally available to be shared with Accredited Data Recipients (ADRs) like ACSISS.

However, there are a few considerations regarding the availability of transactions. Check this article for more information.

What types of accounts are available to share?

In general, all types of bank accounts can be shared if you meet the eligibility criteria. This may even include closed accounts. However, there are a few reasons why an account may not be available for sharing. Check out this article to learn more.