The access and sharing of financial data have come a long way in recent years. From the unreliable and insecure method of screen-scraping to the advent of Open Banking, the financial industry has made significant strides in revolutionising how financial data is accessed and shared. In this article, we will explore the evolution of financial data access and the crucial role ACSISS Adviser plays in enabling secure and reliable data sharing for accountants, bookkeepers, and other trusted advisers.

The Era of Screen-Scraping

In the past, screen-scraping was the primary method used by accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial professionals to access their clients’ financial transaction data. This process involved the client sharing their online banking credentials with the adviser, who would then use a software application to “scrape” the data from the client’s bank account. While this method provided access to the required data, it was fraught with security risks and reliability issues. Sharing online banking credentials left clients vulnerable to fraud and cyberattacks, as well as potential misuse of their sensitive financial information. Moreover, screen-scraping was prone to errors and often failed to deliver accurate and up-to-date information. Despite these shortcomings, software platforms have been unable to stop using screen-scraping, as no viable alternative existed for many banks or account types. One common misconception about screen-scraping is the belief that it is bank-endorsed or bank-approved. In reality, many financial institutions do not officially support or endorse this method of data access. In fact, screen-scraping can sometimes be in violation of the bank’s terms of service, as it involves the sharing of online banking credentials. This misconception can be attributed to the way screen-scraping is often presented, with software platforms using bank logos and familiar interfaces to create the illusion of legitimacy. It’s essential for both accountants and their clients to understand that not all data feeds are bank-approved, and relying on screen-scraping can expose them to potential risks and liabilities. However, the changing regulatory landscape has now forced banks to provide a legitimate alternative screen-scraping. New regulations might even ban the use of screen scraping, prompting software vendors, accountants, and their clients to urgently seek alternative solutions.

The Advent of Open Banking

The introduction of Open Banking marked a significant turning point in the financial services industry. Open Banking, a key component of the Commonwealth government’s Consumer Data Right initiative, allows consumers to securely share their financial data with nominated third parties, such as accountants and bookkeepers. This framework promotes the use of secure APIs and robust authentication protocols, ensuring the protection of sensitive financial data and eliminating the need to share online banking credentials. With Open Banking, accountants and other advisers can now access a broader range of banks and account types, enabling them to provide better services and make more informed decisions for their clients. The secure sharing of financial data also enhances consumer trust, fostering stronger relationships between clients and their trusted advisers.

The Role of ACSISS Adviser

In response to the evolving needs of the financial services industry and the rise of Open Banking, SISS Data Services has launched ACSISS Adviser, a cutting-edge solution that allows accountants, bookkeepers, and other trusted advisers to securely receive financial transaction data from their clients. ACSISS Adviser overcomes the limitations of traditional methods like screen-scraping and direct feeds, offering a more secure, reliable, and comprehensive solution for accessing financial data. By utilising the Consumer Data Right and Open Banking technology, ACSISS Adviser empowers advisers to receive client transaction data accurately and securely. Clients can use the ACSISS My Data app to control which data they share and with whom, further enhancing data security and privacy. ACSISS Adviser not only ensures better security and reliability but also streamlines the accounting process by providing on-demand access to clients’ financial data. This improved efficiency allows accountants and other advisers to focus on providing value-added services and optimising their clients’ financial management.


The evolution of financial data access, from screen-scraping to Open Banking, has transformed the way accountants, bookkeepers, and other trusted advisers access and use their clients’ financial data. The launch of ACSISS Adviser represents a significant milestone in this journey, providing a secure, reliable, and efficient solution for financial professionals. By embracing ACSISS Adviser and the Open Banking framework, accountants and other advisers can enhance their services, build stronger client relationships, and stay ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape

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